Established in 1916, Crankshaft Machine Company became a prominent name within manufacturing for building high quality, rough end crankshaft and camshaft equipment. Crankshaft Machine Company’s products are found globally in both automotive and heavy duty machining industries. In 1983, Crankshaft Machine Company purchased Universal Vise and Tool to add the durable Swisher Finishing Systems of vertical spindle grinders and Lindberg Cylinder Division forming Crankshaft Machine Company into four specialized sub-groups. Additional manufacturing space was added to increase to over 50,000 square feet. In 1987, Crankshaft Machine Company was purchased by Avis Industrial of Upland, Indiana, U.S. Broach Machine and Tool. Also owned by Avis, was combined into the sub-groups. The four companies under Crankshaft Machine Group are: Lindberg Cylinder Division, Swisher Finishing Systems U.S. Broach Machine, and U.S. Broach Tool.

As a full service provider, Crankshaft Machine Group (CMG) can provide engineering, manufacturing, assembly, and service for dedicated and flexible equipment for a variety of metal removal processes. Known throughout the world for precision, reliability and longevity, Crankshaft Machine Group continues to be a leader in the industry in quality, dependability and customer focus. We also offer complete rebuild programs not only to our own equipment, but to machines of other origins as well.



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